Tom Krom Borehole Project


After 50 Years Of Drinking Unhygienic Water, Tom Krom Finally Gets Borehole

If there is anybody out there who doubts the existence of abject poverty in Ghana, a short visit to Tom Krom would immediately renew and solve that contemplation quickly. Residents of Tom Krom, a suburb of Nsawam in the Eastern Region constantly live in miserable, unfortunate and humiliating conditions. With no electricity to depend on, hygienic water to drink, schools to educate their wards and clinic to treat farmers who are mostly bitten by snakes, living in the area makes life a sad thing to enjoy constantly. Water is life but in Tom Krom, parents and children have to walk about five miles to access unhygienic water to fill their pots at home. It is for this reason that Nhyiramma Foundation with support from OmniBank has constructed and handed over a borehole to the people of Tom Krom.

Two years ago, we came here and saw that it was not a pleasant thing to live in Tom Krom. The residents of the area told us that they only eat rice during Christmas and to buy rice, they even had to travel to main Nsawam town to buy it. All they told us shocked us and to top it all off, they didn’t even have hygienic water to drink. They had to travel for at least five miles in search of water. When we heard the story, we deeply struck and troubled by their plight. We therefore knew we had to come back and help.


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