Mission: To alleviate poverty through lasting solutions that help people build assets, create jobs, and raise their standard of living.
Vision: To build a network of sustainable social enterprise that improves lives nationwide.

Despite making significant improvements in all the areas relating to financial viability, profitability and competitiveness, there are concerns that banks have not been able to reach and bring vast segment of the population, especially the underprivileged sections of the society, into the fold of basic banking services. Internationally also efforts are being made to study the causes of financial exclusion and design strategies to ensure financial inclusion of the poor and disadvantaged. A host of studies suggest that putting earnings in women’s hand is the intelligent thing to do to speed up development and the process of overcoming poverty. Women reinvest a much higher portion in their families and communities than men, spreading wealth beyond themselves. This is one reason why NHYIRAMMA ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT FUND seeks to provide low-income people around the nation the tools they need to succeed and benefit thousands of people across the ten regions of Ghana. We do that by offering responsible financial services such as small loans at affordable cost by reaching people in the remote communities in Ghana, this is the day-today reality for the majority of people living in the country.

As aid and abet by delivering loans and offering savings culture and other financial services in some of the most remote markets in Ghana, NEEF empowers people to start their own businesses, create jobs and improve their quality of life.

Group Loans
Small group loans are targeted to very low-income entrepreneurs with the smallest enterprises, where group members provide a guarantee for each other.

Individual Business Loans
Larger loan sizes and more flexible terms help entrepreneurs continue to grow their businesses and generate jobs.

Agriculture Loans
These loans let rural clients purchase seeds, fertilizer, livestock and equipment when they are needed and repay the principal when the harvest comes in.

Savings accounts
Savings help clients build a cushion against hard times. They can also serve as a nest egg for education, medical care, major life milestones, old age, business expansion and other long-term goals.


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